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Alembic from the beginning

More than a century ago, with the guidance and support of his Highness Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, a great mind with business acumen along with two geniuses of Chemistry, conceived Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited. They were, Prof. T.K. Gajjar – the first renowned chemist in Western India, Prof. Kotibhaskar – a Gold Medalist in Technological Chemistry, and Rajmitra Mr. B. D. Amin – the man with incomparable business tact and capacity for management.

In the year 1907, when Alembic Chemical Works was formed, Prof. Kotibhaskar took the charge of being the Principal Director, Prof. T. K. Gajjar was the organization’s key guidance source. Amidst the two brains of chemistry, Mr. B. D. Amin was at the helm of the affairs for this entity and with his perseverance and dedication, he built the strong foundation of this century-old organization.

During its inception, Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited was one of its kind venture in the country. The distillation of spirit by the modern processes & the utilization of spirit in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, were indeed considered to be original ideas in India, in the beginning of the last century. From very beginning, scientific research has remained in the core of all endeavors at Alembic. Rajmitra B. D. Amin, one of the three founders of Alembic led it successfully through financial stress and strains and other challenges that beset the industry. He was gifted with a great industry knowledge, understanding and foresight.

By his thrift and methodical work, he made it a thriving, progressive premier enterprise of India. Throughout his life, he relentlessly promoted scientific research and the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The original promoters of the company were succeeded by men who treasured the vision as a legacy. For more than 100 years, with the guidance from these astute leaders, Alembic has come a long way and grown through the unfairness of the British Raj, through two World Wars, birth pangs of the post-independence era, the License Raj and further on to liberalization & globalization.

Anti Biotic Filling-6

Bond Warehouse for Packing Tinctures, Spirits, etc.

Chloral Hydrate Apparatus

Bonded Laboratory & Warehouse for Spirituous Preparations

Dry ice Plant

Ethyl Chloride Packing

Group photo taken at the silver jubilee celebrations







Packing of B P Chemicals and Ayurvedic Preparations


The Residence and office of Rajmitra B D Amin M.D.

Workshop Machinery



Penicillin Plant-1

Alembic Jagat Magazine

Alembic Railway Siding for Loading and Unloading

Analytical & Standardisation Laboratory

Anti Biotic Filling-3